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After School Childcare

Children are collected from St. Mary's N.S. by staff and provided with fresh hot cooked meals daily. Homework is supervised by staff and organised activities then take place for the children to choose from. Our Afterschool care is a great service with lots of fun activities and fully quailifed staff so that you can have peace of mind while your child attends.


1 hour Afterschool care: 

As the younger children finish at 2.10pm we are happy to offer a service to provide childcare for the hour until big brother or sister finishes their busy day!! During this time children are supervised by staff and take part in organised activities. 



We are delighted to greet and collect your child when they finish their busy day at school! Ensure they are safe on the premises and provide them with a fresh hot cooked meal.



On arrival each child is checked in and supervision is provided. All homework is checked and ticked off by a member of staff. We encourage all written homework to be carried out at the homework club and reading work to be carried out at home with parents as it is important that parent's sign and participate in the reading.



Dinner is served in our dinning room area. The children and staff sit together to enjoy a hot meal.Everyone is encourged to eat the same meal and we find the children thrive in this environment. (Speciality diets are catered for) After some acitvities the children are provided with fresh fruit as extras and water and milk are available to drink.


Free play:

After Dinner and Homework the children are supervised to free play where they may want to wind down after their busy day at School or spend time chatting or relaxing with their friends, maybe even watch a movie! 


Organised Activities:

There are generally some organised activities available for the children to choose from,Art, dodgeball,Karakoe,Outdoor acitvities,and much much more. There is an organised alternative option available for children who do not wish to participate in these activities.


This Childcare project is funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan, 2007-2013

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